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Sri Guru Harkrishan Gurdwara

12 Sherborne St, Manchester. M3 1FE


Classes have begun for the 2017/2018 academic year for Punjabi, Waja, Tabla and Kirtan.


Please ensure you register your child from 4pm onwards on the first floor.


In order for the classes to be successful, sustainable and consistent it is proposed a £1 charge be made per pupil. This will ensure that we have enough funds to purchase stationary and to ensure the classrooms are clean and tidy always. Also, some of the teachers require payment and we need to have the funds to pay for them weekly.


The £1 fee covers any number of classes and is applicable per child per week.


This fee is collected in advance per term at the rate of £14. Terms will begin in September, January and April.


Please ensure your child’s fees are paid promptly to the registration sewadaars.


We trust this meets your satisfaction in jointly achieving the best Sikhi education for all our children.



For further details please contact Giani Bachan Singh ji on 07882 503160

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